The Four Stages Of Drake's 'Nothing Was The Same' Grief


We're just hours away from the official premiere of Drake's third studio album, but for many listeners it's been a week since Nothing Was the Same came out (thanks to an album leak). Immediately after the album hit the Internet, Drizzy fans were overcome with emotion (check your Twitter feed) and critics praised Drake for his vulnerability throughout the album.

Let's take a stroll through four stages of the emotional roller coaster rhymes on the record, titled Drake: Therapy Sessions.


1. Discontent. "The Motion"

Everyone has had someone in their life that they wish would get their shit together. It's always hard when you want more for someone than they actually want for themselves. Drake calls this "The Motion." In a nutshell, he likes you just the way you are.


2. Family Communication. "Too Much"

Sometimes many things go unsaid in a family. Sure, it would be great to lay everything out on the table and let your family know how you feel, but Drake opens up and shares that his family isn't the best at communicating their feelings, let alone keeping in touch.


3. Drifting through life, but still feeling stuck. "Furthest Thing"

Drake exclaims that he's "somewhere between" a number of things. Back and forth he goes. It seems like he's just going through a flux of different emotions and just doesn't know how to stop and identify what's really going on. "The furthest thing from perfect /Like everyone I know."


4. Commitment & Regret. "Connect"

Not to end on a sour note, but Drake reminds everyone of that one person we all have. So many almosts and maybe-this-times, but nothing ever changes. Don't you hate that? Drake does.