Calhoun Adds Some Funk To Their Sweet Tea Sound With 'Reap/Sow'


On their 2010 album Heavy Sugar, Texas-bred duo Calhoun mixed up something like a really addictive sweet tea – 12 pop rock tracks that go down smooth. But judging from the first official sip of Paperweights, their upcoming six-track EP, it seems that Tim Locke and Jordan Roberts have spiked their punch with something funky.

"Reap/Sow," the first song off of the upcoming six-track EP, has a stout kick to it --- one delivered over a synth-heavy beat and what guitarist Roberts describes as a more "noodly" guitar sound. While Locke's vocals are as comforting as ever, the at-times frenetic track may be, at first, a bit more difficult for their fans to swallow — but either way, it's the direction they're headed.

"['Reap/Sow'] gives you the most extreme sense of what you are in for with what we have done with this batch of songs," Roberts said. "For longtime fans, this song represents the most extreme departure from anything we have previously released, so we felt like -- for that group of people -- that if they could get behind this then the rest of album would make sense and fall into place for them."

That departure means scrapping their singer-songwriter structure, "deconstructing it and then putting it back together" with synthesizers and drum sequencing. In other words, "It's like pulling the frame out of a house after building all of these walls, ceilings and fixtures around and seeing if it can still stand," Roberts said.

Only time will tell, but it seems pretty sturdy to us.