Free Your Mind With Stadiums & Shrines’ ‘Dream Believer’ Mix For MTV Hive


We are currently on the cusp of the weekend, which means only one thing: it's time to sleep in and sleep in good. And what dreams will come when we shuffle off this mortal coil? Well, we'll let Dave Sutton, co-founder of Brooklyn-based music site Stadiums & Shrines, handle that question with his Dream Believer mix for MTV Hive.

Stemmed from a true love for music, language, imagery and collaboration, S&S is broken into four categories: sound, vision, thought and dream. Dreams, the site's central project, combines the often surreal collages of visual artist Nathaniel Whitcomb and the writings of both Sutton himself and frequent collaborator M. Sage. Artists are given a handmade collage with the incentive to report back with their sounds like two dreams in conversation.

Sutton, who writes and lives from an eternally honest place, described his exclusive mix for MTV Hive as “a compilation of songs— noctambulant and lovesick—from some lost era (perhaps at sea), like those infomercials that flash titles over footage of performers.”

Highlights include two cuts from Matthew Sage as well new cuts from the likes of Monster Rally and Candy Claws. “By mixing the new with the classic, and newer covers of classics, the idea is that we lose orientation with time itself—which is a microcosmic parallel of what we attempt with S&S in general,” Sutton concluded.

Float amongst the clouds with Dream Believer below.