From Marilyn Manson To Gloria Estefan -- Jacuzzi Boys Break Down Their Floridian Influences


Jacuzzi Boys definitely have a Floridian kind of vibe to their tunes -- even it's the Florida of a non-native's imagination. From the swampy, dark feel of their debut album No Seasons to the surf-ready, girl-ogling tracks on Glazin' to the neon slick energy of their most recent, self-titled effort  -- the Miami band seems about as synonymous with their hometown as their bubbling moniker.

In the wake of their recent album release, Hive hit up the boys to find out which Floridian bands have had the biggest effect on their music -- and we were shocked to hear about the wide range of acts that have bubbled up with the gators and jacuzzi foam. Lead singer Gabriel Alcala and bassist Danny Gonzalez break down their picks below.

1). Load

"Load is still my favorite of the local bands -- they're a band from Fort Lauderdale. The singer [Bobby Load] just recently passed away and he's one of the folks our record is dedicated to. It's kind of like this weird drunken, Southern Stooges-type band. The first time I saw them -- I was going to shows and all the other bands I was seeing at the time seemed like kids. They were still older than me, but they seemed like, 'Oh, yeah, I could see they come from families -- they look like kind of normal kids.' The first time I saw Load it was just like, 'Holy Moly, these guys look like men and they're drunk and their equipment looks all banged up. The drummer's not wearing a shirt.' It was kind of really awesome and shocking for however old I was -- like 14 or something, 15. Some of my prized possessions are their 7"s and records and stuff." - Danny

2). 2 Live Crew

"I remember watching with my friends and being totally shocked -- I don't know how we got this tape -- but Uncle Luke had a tape of them performing with all these women on stage. For a 13-year-old, I was just like blown away. I love the music, too. I think it's great. And it just made all the girls in neighborhood -- all the 13-year-old, 14-year-old girls were booty-dancing. It was great for a boy." - Gabriel

"2 Live Crew, for me, was the first [act] that I realized was from the same town I was in. You see them on TV and they're wearing the University of Miami jacket and you have an older friend and they're like, 'Yeah, man, they're from here' and it's kind of like, 'Holy shit!' They'd be shooting a video in a backyard and you've been in a backyard that looks exactly like that backyard. You just have this moment of, 'Damn, they are in our town.'" - Danny

"We actually hung out with Uncle Luke last week. He was at our friend's bar. Our friend had an event and Uncle Luke was hosting it. We took a photo with him. He was super friendly." - Gabriel

3). Tom Petty

"He didn't necessarily make his name here, but Tom Petty is from Gainesville, Florida. I think most people just associate him with L.A. because that's where the Heartbreakers made their name -- that's where he made his name. But the band that he was in before, Mudcrutch -- most of the players from the Heartbreakers were in that band with him and they were all from Florida. So while not necessarily a Florida band, they were all born here and just took their band and made their way West. We're all super fans of Tom Petty and I'm glad that he's a hometown guy to a certain extent." - Danny

4). Marilyn Manson

"I think he was born in like Ohio or something, but I think he went to high school in Fort Lauderdale and, like, they were playing shows around here -- Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. He actually produced this band called Jack Off Jill that I saw live a bunch of times in small clubs. Not that I'm a super fan of his music, but I am a fan of his. I think he's kind of like a cool, interesting dude. I was actually there when they first kind of became popular. They opened up for Nine Inch Nails a long time ago and I was at that show. He got arrested at that show for giving head to the guitar player. But it was totally like simulation.... I remember one of my friends had gone to the bathroom and when she came back I was like, 'You missed it!'" - Danny

5). Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

"It's very different, but in the same way it's sort of like the 2 Live Crew. It's such a part of Miami and growing up you hear it so much. It's not like some raunchy fucking crazy shit like [2 Live Crew], but I went to so many family parties as a kid -- a New Year's Eve party or someone's birthday -- you'd always hear that stuff. You'd hear it coming out of cars. It's super Miami. You can't help but dig it. The hits, they come on and you just feel so comfortable and familiar -- they just sound good, you know." - Danny

Jacuzzi Boys is out now on Hardly Art.