Peelander-Z Get Weird(er) In 'Ride on the Shooting Star' Video

At a time when musicians view their music videos as staid metaphors for individuality, loud, outlandish fashion statements and moving art pieces, it seems lazy to watch one without dissecting everything we see. So when a punk band puts out a video that includes a child with a mushroom for a head, there has to be some deep and philosophical message they're trying to send up, right?

But that's not the case with Peelander Z, a Japanese punk foursome based in New York -- and self-proclaimed natives of the "Z region" Planet Peelander. In their latest video for "Ride on the Shooting Star," what you see is what you get -- and what you see is pure, unadulterated mayhem.

From the looks of it, a denizen of Peelander finds himself in New York City, and chaos ensues when he tries to kill the other members of Peelander-Z. It's all appropriately zany for the foursome -- composed of Peelander Yellow, Peelander Green, Peelander Black and Peelander Pink -- as their onstage antics reportedly include human bowling and piggyback rides.

To make sense of it all we asked frontman Peelander Yellow for an explanation behind the clip, the latest off of their album Metalander-Z.

"Bad boy Peelander-Purple came far away from Planet Earth by chance!!! He will try to kill us, but we, Peelander-Z, want to be friend of him," he explained to Hive via email. "Finally, Purple is our new member!!! Don't worry about Purple, he never bite youuuuuu!!!

While the guys describe themselves as punk, they "try to make [a] new style each album -- simple punk album, kids album, space album." So for their latest project, they're tackling metal, which according to Peelander Yellow, just means "change our hair more longer, get skinny pants and bandana."

But just because their fashion may change, they still are, after all, the same crazy kids they were before.

"But our soul is not change. We are Peelander-Z," he said. "OK, let's go to get shooting star and ride on it!!"

Metalander-Z is out now on Peelander-Z/Chicken Ranch Records.