SWF's 'Let It Be Told' Is Like Yoga For Your Ears

swf-500Want to experience the spiritual/physical/emotional release that comes from practicing yoga without all the sweating/borrowed mats/sprained muscles that also comes from practicing yoga? Well, we strongly recommend checking out SWF's new track, "Let It Be Told," off of his upcoming debut album by the same name.

SWF is Stevie Weinstein-Foner, a self-described mystic/musician who penned his debut album after traveling the world -- from the Grand Canyon to Central America -- and delving into the study of yoga and himself.

"All of the songs were written either before leaving for a long journey, or after returning from one," SWF told MTV Hive.  "I see the act of living as traveling, journeying -- we are all walking a path, or as Ram Dass says, 'We're all just walking each other home.'  So songs are reflections, stories, sermons that illuminate our paths."

If "Let It Be Told" is a journey, it's one replete with sun-filled pitstops and open-windowed highway driving. "I don't want to wait to celebrate until shit gets tragic/Wanna wake up every day and be laughing," Weinstein-Foner sings, before launching into the warm, warm, warm chorus: "And I said/Let it be told/You've got so much soul."

"I often wake up and go straight into my story, my trip about how it is and how I am and how she is and how they are, but none of that is really true, it's the story that I tell myself that keeps me being who I think I am,"  Weinstein-Foner said of the song. "So I want to live for something better, something higher, I want to live in a higher vibration. I want to live for magic. I want to live for and in love, connected to this deep oneness, to soul. I've definitely got my hang-ups, but this is what I'm working towards."

Let It Be Told is out October 8 via Mecca Lecca Recording Co.