Hive Horoscopes: Scrying In The Waters Of Man Man's 'On Oni Pond'


Welcome to MTV Hive's newest and most mystifying column: Hive Horoscopes, in which our resident psychic Licorice Root takes a divining, divine look into the future of one band and their latest release -- and (bonus!) breaks down the rest of our fates sign by sign. The first band on (tarot) deck? Philly's own Man Man, whose On Oni Pond is out now on ANTI-.

Man Man’s new album On Oni Pond drops today (September 10), so in celebration, let’s take a look at the astrological significance of this release date, and have a little fun peeping into the personalities of Man Man band members Chris (Pow Pow) Powell and Ryan (Honus Honus) Kattner. And of course, no astrology column could be complete without a look into all 12 signs!

On Oni Pond has been released during the Sun’s transit through Virgo, one of the zodiac’s more creative and process oriented signs, and the Moon’s transit through Scorpio. What do you get when you combine Virgo’s analytic attitude towards the world, and Scorpio’s passion and durability? An album perfectly designed for a deep and thorough examination of disposition and attitude. If you’re stuck in a situation you haven’t worked out yet, Man Man’s latest may provide an anthem for your breakthrough.

Venus is also at a pivotal point today, at the last degree of Libra, about to transition into Scorpio. Karmic lessons surrounding partnership have been learned, and it’s time to exit the realm of compromise and enter Scorpio. Scorpio rules the dark places in our life that await exploration, and also rules the detectives and mystics among us.

So what experiences may have spurred Man Man to produce an album that could also serve as a pair of x-ray glasses on our dramas and dilemmas?

First, let’s take a look at the personalities of Chris Powell and Ryan Kattner. As Leos, their Sun sign shows that performance plays a huge role in their self discovery and realization of their lives' purposes. Ryan’s Venus and Mercury are in the sign of Virgo, while Chris’s are in the sign of Leo. Both of them are perfectionists, but Ryan’s eye for detail may shine through more in the studio, while Chris’s comes out more on stage. Chris has a Scorpio Moon, a very psychic placement, which seeks protection and solace from the over-stimulation of others' dramas. In contrast, Ryan’s Leo moon is more easily capable to deflect negative outside influence. Both Moon signs find comfort through artistic expression, though Chris’s is more introspective, and Ryan’s is more reactive and aggressive.

So what transits are currently rocking their charts? Both Chris and Ryan have Pluto (god of the underworld, and all the dead, the precious metals, oils within the earth) and Uranus (the force of surprise, electricity and rebellion) aspecting their Suns. Pluto’s interaction to Chris and Ryan’s Sun in Leo is encouraging them purge anything that is not essential for them to be happy. They probably have done a thorough cleansing of their contacts, choosing only to be in touch with those they can truly trust. Uranus in Aries is making a lovely, easy aspect to their Suns in Leo, so while Pluto may be hassling them, they are in a wonderful phase of receiving spontaneous creative inspiration, and they may be breaking down barriers that they never imagined conquering.

On Oni Pond could be the baby of frustrations over unnecessary baggage being tossed overboard by spontaneously not giving a fuck, allowing the objectivity to see through the heart of the matter, understanding the purpose it had and moving on, triumphantly, with life.

So, how will the current planetary transits affect you?


Venus is moving out of your opposing sign, Libra, which will lighten the load of confrontations you’ve been having over the last month. You ruling planet Mars is in fellow fire sign Leo, and has just past an aspect with Saturn, suggesting that any feedback you’ve gotten from authority figures will be pertinent in your moving forward.


Your ruling planet is shifting from Libra to your opposing sign, Scorpio, putting you face to face with your desires. Take advantage of this opportunity to show others what you have to offer, as it looks like you’ll be meeting people in high places.


Your ruling planet Mercury has just entered Libra. You may have felt that you couldn’t complete a sentence without being misunderstood or interrupted in the last few weeks, but now people are finally hearing you out.


Whatever genius idea you came up with mid-summer is now ready to manifest. Take advantage of the Sun in Virgo to perfect your vision and fund your project. Mars transiting your sign will take you to the finish line.


Jupiter’s year long transit through your sign will continue to exaggerate all your best and worst qualities, and currently your ability to budget either money or emotional assistance is highlighted. With the Sun in Virgo, you’ll find that friends you’ve helped in the past will be happy to return the favor.


Happy birthday Virgo! As the Sun transits your sign, all of humanity gets a glimpse of what it’s like to be you. Your ruling planet Mercury has just entered Libra, shifting your focus to beautification of your surroundings. Expect to partner up with some very eccentric people this coming month, as Mercury opposes Uranus in Aries.


Your ruling planet Venus is leaving Libra and entering Scorpio, allowing you space to process the events of the summer. Your reputation is expanding due to Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter will receive a lovely aspect from Venus in the coming month, people will appreciate you now more than ever.


Your ruling planet Mars is in Leo, firing you up to get want you want in your career. Venus is also transiting your sign, so people are exciting and willing to work with you. The North Node is also trucking through Scorpio, bringing you fated interactions and introducing you to connections that will take you to the next level.


The Sun’s transit through Virgo shows that focus is at work, where you’re seeking to find the flaws and seal the gaps. You may find it’s best to work with those you already know and trust, as familiarity will help give you the confidence that things will sort out perfectly.


With the Sun transiting Virgo, now is a great time to take a break and get out of town. I know, school has started again and it’s time to get back to work. Summer is over. But not for you Capricorn! Uranus in Aries continues to dish out the expected for all Capricorns, so take advantage of any lucky breaks to get away.


Your ruling planet, Saturn, is transiting Scorpio, which will soon be joined by Venus. This is an excellent time to commit to a relationship. The Sun in Virgo suggests that you may be doing the most soul searching of all the signs of the zodiac right now.


Your ruling planet Jupiter is in Cancer, expanding your need to express yourself creatively. Being tied down is not working for you right now, as unexpected opportunities reveal themselves when Venus enters Scorpio and created a beautifully harmonious connection to Jupiter and your natal Sun.


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