Roach Gigz' 'Boss'd Up' Got Some Inspiration From The Cops

Bay Area rap ambassador Roach Gigz found himself in a sticky (no pun) situation when recording "Boss'd Up" for his newly released mixtape, Roachy Balboa 3. As he explains over the phone, he was trekking across the Pacific Northwest during a nationwide tour and stopped at a hotel in Idaho between shows. While posted up there, he was able to bang out most of the celebratory, thumping "Boss'd Up." But it wasn't until a run-in with police that he found the inspiration for the brief, albeit poignant, closing verse.

"There's a section of Northern Idaho where they (the police) are on the lookout," Gigz said, noting that it's between the weed-friendly areas of Washington and Canada. "They pulled us over and went through our bus and all of our luggage." That led to him writing lines about tucking weed into your salad and molly in your, well, wherever you can. It turns out they didn't find the molly, just the marijuana, and everyone got off with some minor fines to pay.

That equally blunted and self-aware moment breathes through the video for "Boss'd Up," which was directed by frequent collaborator Aris Jerome. As Gigz explained, the two worked on a bunch of his earlier videos before Jerome shifted his focus to photography. But after sending him some tracks, the rapper was able to get his friend back behind the videocamera. The two wanted to capture both the essence of the laid-back track and Jerome's photography, and it makes for a for a crisp, mellow viewing experience that's simplistic by design.

Roachy Balboa 3 is out now.