Follow Great White Buffalo In Their ‘Thanks For Nothing’ Video

When you follow a white rabbit, you could end up in a twisted wonderland or raucous, MDMA-fueled rave, but when it’s a white buffalo you’re chasing through the lonesome city streets at night, you might end up at the rousing show of one of Los Angeles’s up-and-coming alt-rock bands.

That’s the exact message Great White Buffalo are sending in their video for “Thanks for Nothing,” the opener for their adrenaline-packed self-titled debut. But, then again, “message” might not be the word for the handsome yet straightforward clip. In fact, it’s decidedly “anti-message.” “We’re not out trying to save the whales or anything, but we’re also not too interested in killing them,” lead singer Graham Bockmiller told Hive.

Instead, Great White Buffalo – composed of Bockmiller, Stephen Johnson, Paul Hiller and Rich Carrillo — wanted to use their inaugural video to do an introduction of sorts to what they’re all about.

“We just wanted to say, ’This is who we are; this is what our live shows look like’ instead of standing on a mountain with eagles flying over us or whatever Creed did,” Bockmiller said.

For the record, this is what Creed did.

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