Totally Nights: A New ❤ Advice Column From Prince Rama's Nimai Larson


Love is a thing that is hard, are we right? No, not in that way -- get your mind out of the gutter. (OK, sometimes in that way.) Love rips you apart and eats your insides like a very hungry zombie. Love tears into your soul and blows its nose on your essence. Love is not, in fact, a battlefield -- it's a tent overflowing with bleeding limbless soldiers all crying desperately for water. Luckily, Prince Rama's Nimai Larson is here to lead you through the fucked-up fray with her new advice column, "Totally Nights."

Every week or so, Nimai will be fielding questions from you, the readers, on how to do things like "Get the girl!" "Mend a broken heart!" and "Lose this damned taste for human flesh!" (J/K on that last one). If you want a question answered by Nimai, simply send your query to:

If you're very lucky/exceptionally sad, she might answer you here on this very site. The first column will go up a week from today, Thursday, September 12, so start typing through the tears! In the meantime, take a listen to one of Prince Rama's newest jams, "So Destroyed."