Holy Ghost! Talk Us Off The Ledge In New Album Teaser

After doling out full portions with the synth-driven track "Okay" and the unapologetically funky jam "Dumb Disco Ideas," Holy Ghost! are continuing to give us tiny tastes of their upcoming album, Dynamics, with snippets and teaser trailers. We've already sampled "I Wanna Be Your Hand,""Bridge and Tunnel" and "It Must Be the Weather," and with their latest teaser for "Don't Look Down," we're getting a more complete taste of what they're serving up on the September 10 release – and, so far, it's sounding intricately delicious.

The Brooklyn-based synthpop duo got the dance party started with their 2011 self-titled debut, and even after two years, the raucous, disco-tinged celebration hasn't stopped on their sophomore LP. "Dumb Disco Ideas" is a sweaty, sinful Saturday night put to song, and judging by the short teasers we've heard so far, "Bridge and Tunnel" and "It Must Be the Weather" are continuing the party with the duo's disco-meets-synth-pop zeal.

And while we only get a minute-long taste, "Don't Look Down" seems to be no exception. The vintage video captures a man standing on a super, super tall spire, hundreds of feet above a large crowd as frontman Alex Frankel tells us, "When you're lost and not proud/ Don't look down." It's the moment before you take a risk, and the track's frenetic buildup seems to capture it all in danceable fashion.

If Holy Ghost! were to jump off a cliff, we might just do it too.

Dynamics is out September 10 on DFA Records.