Estrangers Lead You Deep Into Their Love Forest In 'Cape Fear'

When you're in love, when your heart is fixing to burst from all the vastness of feeling that that dude/chick inspires, sometimes it can feel as if there's no one else out there in the world -- that you're alone in some sparkling place of your own making. That's the feeling encapsulated in Estrangers' new video for "Cape Fear," off of their album, Season of 1000 Colors.

"I think it's a fun whimsical take on a classic and simple love narrative, though it could also just be two friends exploring a mysterious and dramatic landscape with one another," lead singer Philip Pledger told MTV Hive of the video, which was directed by Jacki Huntington of the band T0W3RS, who also appears in the vid. The whole thing was shot in Canada, where Huntington was shooting a documentary at the time.

Opening on a deep blue nighttime scene, scored by the rushing of water, the video finds a man and woman, played by Huntington, alone in the darkness, picking their way through the gloom with candles. The song sets in then, punctuating the darkness with big, almost Spanish guitars. When dawn starts to rise, the dreamy lyrics layer over it all, Pledger crooning, "Salt on my feet and the words in my teeth like a ship lost at sea" as the couple races through the words.

"It's got an innocent and almost child-like quality to the way the story unfolds, and I like that because the song sounds romantic but also pure, like there's a young and fragile relationship forming in the midst of large circumstances," Huntington said of the way the words match the film. "They're playing on vast rocky cliffs and in huge forests with tall trees, but the emotions of discovery and fondness are simple."

Season of 1000 Colors is out now on Phuzz Records.