Yuna Believes We Can Save Ourselves In Light, Bright Single 'Rescue'


Everyone needs a good look-in-the-mirror-while-saying-encouraging-things pump-up song. Today's comes from Malaysian-born singer/songwriter, Yuna, whose new jam "Rescue" is just the kick-yourself-in-the-ass ray of sunshine we all require when going through a breakup, career pitfall or particularly dreadful Wednesday afternoon.

"I wrote 'Rescue' for a friend who had went through a rough time recently and was inspired by her and how she had managed to come out of it a stronger, happier person," Yuna told MTV Hive. "I feel like its for all the strong individuals out there, regardless their race, background, and gender.

A kind of counter to Rihanna's buzzing, "Tainted Love"-sampling 2006 jam "SOS" (the song also contains the morse code distress signal), "Rescue" thrums with life and light, Yuna's rich, bell-like voice proclaiming: "She's got life in her face/She don't need no rescue and she's OK"

The song was produced by Chris Braide, who also produced Yuna's debut record with Pharrell Williams.

"Rescue" comes off of Yuna's upcoming sophomore record, Nocturnal -- a followup to her self-titled debut. She dropped another single, "Falling," on Tuesday (August 27), which more closely matches the album's nighttime moniker with its mixture of dance floor rhymes and hushed vocals.

Nocturnal drops on Verve Records on October 29.