TV On The Radio Gets Trippy In The Woods In 'Million Miles' Video

A garden variety gardening show devolves into a hallucinogen-fueled woodland sing-along in a new video for TV On The Radio's "Million Miles," the band's continuing foray into new music following 2011's Nine Types of Light.

The video, directed by the band's Kyp Malone and Natalia Leite, features an environmentalist who is constantly foiled in her quest to inject earth-friendly messages into her gardening show. Dejected, the woman spirals into a kind of frenzy, fueled by a mysterious drug that, in the end, has the entire cast of the music video lip-syncing along to the soul-filled track.

"It's fun to take the idea of a song outside of the world of sound, give it fuller expression, expand its dimensions. I've wanted to collaborate with [director] Natalia [Leite] since I first saw her work and I thought this would be a good opportunity," Malone told NPR. "We got a lot of help from a lot of creative people. Very excited to get to tell a story in this form."

TV On The Radio confirmed back in April that they had parted ways with their label, Interscope, releasing a new single, "Mercy," via band member Dave Sitek's new label, Federal Prism, in July.

The video comes as a collaboration between Myspace’s "Music Video Collaborations With Artists We Like" program and Federal Prism. The team plans to release five more videos in this series.