Ex Cops Help Us Hold Onto Summer With Their Airy 'Spring Break' Video

New York in the summer is a steamy haze of worlds colliding -- bands jamming out in galleries and in parks and at pools, music mixing with the humid air. Brooklyn band Ex Cops' new video for "Spring Break (Birthday Song)" captures that summer's caldron feel, documenting a July 4 performance at MoMA through the eyes of the band -- as well as an intrepid biker.

"When we were offered the MoMA show, we knew we had to do something with it because it's such a weird special thing to play," the band's Brian Harding told Hive. "So we wanted to capture a day in the life of two different people who were headed to the same event."

The song itself is a simple affair -- the airiest off of the band's debut full-length record, True Hallucinations. It's a slip of a summer breeze -- a singalong kind of jam whose refrain samples that old standard, "Happy Birthday."

"It's an innocent song," Harding said. "It was the first song we ever recorded together and it will always be our little gem that we keep under our bed and in our hearts."

The video has that same, light-filled, uncomplicated feel. In addition to following the band as they prepare for the artsy event, the video -- directed by the band, photographer Annelise Phillips and friend/producer Dan Shapiro -- tracks a biker, played by friend of the band Nickolas Kimbrell. Kimbrell, who also designed the band's costumes, cavorts around the city, painting banners and shirts, slurping on iced coffee and paling around with the off-brand costumed characters in Times Square. The whole thing evokes that feeling you get during a New York summer when behind every building lurks a shimmering mirage of activity.

True Hallucinations is currently available from Other Music Recording Co.