'Is This Real Life?': His Clancyness's 'Zenith Diamond' Video Gets Dreamy

We've all had those blurry and beautiful nights -- the kind that are caught between "real" and "a dream." From its kaleidoscopic visuals to the smoky haze surrounding the almost-too-beautiful people, His Clancyness's brand-new video for "Zenith Diamond" captures that fleeting feeling of invincibility with the cool-kid swag of rock 'n' roll past.

And according to Jonathan Clancy himself, that's exactly what he, Pietro Borzí and Giulia Mazza were going for one hot summer night when they filmed the video in Bologna's Arena Orfeonica: That "Is this real?" moment you feel when it all just seems too eerily perfect to be true.

At the opening of the clip, Clancy says, "Rock and roll is about dreams. This one is called 'Zenith Diamond.'" From there, he and his gang of pretty girls and aviator-clad guys take us on a hazy, nicotine-fueled escapade, fueled even further by the get-up-and-go of the pure rock track -- one Clancy said is inspired by Wire and David Bowie.

"Mystery is what has always made rock 'n' roll something so menacing and capturing, and it's really been sucked out of music lately," Clancy told Hive of the clip's ethereal mood. "I want to be able to keep my head in the clouds sometimes."

He wanted the clip to capture the more blurry moments following a night of drinking, when you've "lost track of time and space and entered the dream." It's all very reflective of the track itself, which Clancy said is about "feeling special even if you've been knocked down, you're still a diamond in the rough and deserve a dream."

In fact, Borzi and Mazza even positioned an actual diamond in front of the camera to film a few of the scenes, creating a psychedelic glimmer that makes it all that much more dreamy.

But don't expect all of His Clancyness' October 8 Vicious album to be like "Zenith Diamond."

"'Zenith' is the nervous baby of the album, a fast lone wolf that doesn't have a chance to breathe," Clancy said. "He gets his air on the other tracks from the album."

We can't predict exactly what that means, but judging from the "Zenith Diamond" clip, it’s bound to be an adventure.

Vicious is slated to drop on FatCat on October 8. You can pre-order the record here.

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