So So Glos Rep Dirty New York In 'Lost Weekend' Video

Brooklyn's own So So Glos give a glimpse into the city they call home -- both gritty and glittery -- in their new video for "Lost Weekend," off of this spring's Blowout.

The proprietors of a series of NYC DIY venues over the years, the So So Glos are a quintessentially New York punk band. Case in point? Their latest Bushwick music joint is called Shea Stadium, after the Queens sports venue where the Mets used to play.

That same fierce NYC pride is on full display in the video for "Lost Weekend" -- from the prologue, which features former mayor Ed Koch, to the Beastie Boys sweatshirt sported by guitarist Ryan Levine.

A song dedicated to living life with wild abandon among the inevitable ruin -- or, "riding high in a landfill building castles" -- "Lost Weekend" is a jam meant to be shouted from the rooftops, which is exactly what lead singer Alex Levine does in the video. The rest of the guys also give into a kind of gleeful depravity -- drummer Zach Staggers sneaking out on a sleeping girl, Ryan Levine getting sticky-fingered and guitarist Matt Elkin skateboarding while mainlining hotdogs.

All this manic mischief transpires against New York's stunning backdrop, images of the modern-day city interspersed with archival footage that indicates that although a lot has happened in NYC's history, the city is still, as Koch said, "a small town." And, let's face it, we're all on a lost weekend.

Blowout is out now on Shea Stadium Records