A Town Gets Hangman-Happy In Sonnymoon's 'Every Summer Night' Video

Things get a little The Crucible in Sonnymoon's new video for "Every Summer Night" -- off of their self-titled debut LP -- as the citizens of a small desert town decide to take out all their woes on a certain female presence.

As the first driving strains of the song start up, we see a little boy rushing around a barren kind of landscape, whispering to a cadre of men as a woman -- Sonnymoon's Anna Wise -- sits apprehensively in the dust. As the men begin to come together and mobilize, Wise's voice cuts in, telling of fires and shouts in the dark.

The tension in Wise's voice -- and the song -- builds as the men grab her. Upon being tied up and blindfolded we hear her ethereal yet authoritative voice sing, “Every summer night mingle with the pretty young things on your off time who will never have to work a day in their lives, music be nice.” Perhaps a cry for help fallen on deaf ears? Or a bitter lament to the women who watch on as Wise is taken off to her hangman fate.

The track itself leans heavily on the pulsating soundscape molded by bandmate Dane Orr and the downright haunting croon of Wise. Although known for their eccentricity, Sonnymoon keeps it simple and creepy with the track; it never comes across as forced, rather fluent and comfortable.

The inspiration for the video came from “fear and duality and truth and justice and needing to find someone or something to blame for the problems within a society,” according to Wise and Orr. Directors Adi Putra and Carlos Landa use the backbeat and lyrics to drive the narrative effortlessly. As Wise and Orr opine: “The video is the songs second cousin on its mother's side."

Thus, Wise's ghost-like voice wryly narrates the proceedings in the video, standing in sharp contrast to the horror that is going down. As our main character meets her demise, for example, Wise croons “and those who wait with their backs to the winter cold…enjoy."

Anyone else just get the chills?

Sonnymoon is out now on Sonnymoon Music.