Wolf Blitzer Eats Babies In Man Man's "End Boss"


The wolves are most certainly at the door -- and past it -- in Man Man's new single, "End Boss," released today via the band's Facebook as a tease for their upcoming record, On Oni Pond.

As frontman Ryan Kattner told MTV Hive in a previous interview, the band's upcoming fifth full-length record is primed to be a much more stripped-down effort than previous releases, which are packed with more sound effects than a cartoon and more instruments than an orchestra.

"End Boss" is in keeping with that MO -- it's a creepy bedtime story of a song, the tale of a sneaky wolf (who Kattner says is based on Wolf Blitzer) creeping into a house only to "snake through a sea of toys," consume a baby and "cut loose in the barrio" as the "baby dance[s] inside his belly."

"After the song was written I was like, 'Damn! I sing about a wolf/manwolf/werewolf again!'" Kattner tells Hive, referring to how wolves often crop up in Man Man tunes -- and videos. "I try really hard to not repeat themes and imagery because I find that to be lazy songwriting 101....but for some reason werewolves keep clawing their way into my songs," he says.

Despite the playful yet dark nature of the jam, the refrain is a bit more cautionary; Kattner growls, "If you won't reinvent yourself, you can't circumvent yourself."

"I like the concept of trying to keep instincts/urges in check and maintaining composure despite uncontrollable drives and compulsions," Kattner says, tying the song back to the whole werewolf theme. "I feel like that's how this band has evolved in many ways. You can still be chaotic and crazy-eyed but it's more interesting to keep things in check and let that rip when necessary, poke through the seams. "

The song also includes references to The Wire, Baltimore and Glenn Danzig. Sort out how by listening to "End Boss" over on Man Man's Facebook page.

On Oni Pond drops on September 10 on ANTI-