Diarrhea Planet Pay Homage to 'Spring Breakers' in "Separations" Video

Diarrhea Planet is going the full Harmony Korine in their new music video for "Separations," throwing a surrealist pool party that's based, however loosely, on the director's cult classic status film, Spring Breakers.

"We had so many colored lights and lots of fog machines -- we had fog billowing everywhere, trying to capture the lights and try to make everything look more colorful," says lead singer Jordan Smith. "One of the things we talked about when we were filming it is we were trying to make it look like Spring Breakers."

Replete with girls, booze and brightly-colored weirdness, all that's missing from the vid is a Riff Raffian character ala James Franco's Alien -- although Smith says the band would have been totally down to include Riff if the opportunity presented itself (Jody Highroller, take note.)

The video was shot in the band's hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and we find DP paddling around a pool in a haze of colored lights, with swirling sparklers around their heads as Smith wails "quit your bitchin'." But, almost insidiously, things start to go a little weird as the party wears on: ice cream is consumed, as are cigarettes -- but so, disturbingly enough, are brains.

Yup, at one point in the video, one of the band's many guitarists, Emmett Miller, digs into his friend Steve's head and spoons out some grey matter.

"Emmett is a vegetarian and one of his favorite snacks is watermelon," Smith says. "The day before he brought this whole watermelon and was just working on it and when we were shooting the video he was like, 'Oh, what if I do something where I pretend to eat Steve's brains?'"

Despite the chaos and otherworldliness of the video, however, Smith says that the song itself is much more rooted in reality. "The subject matter of that song is getting real with somebody. Like maybe saying things that they don't want to hear, but they know they need to hear. Kind of giving somebody a sense of reality."

"Separations" is off of the band's second full-length album, I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, which drops today on Infinity Cat Recordings.