Integrity’s Dwid Hellion on ‘Suicide Black Snake,’ Humanity and Charles Manson

Photo courtesy of Integrity

Dwid Hellion is a scary man that thinks that all human life should be eradicated from earth, including himself. He has put out records by Charles Manson, studies ancient pagan rites, and there is more than one rumor about him shooting people. Oh, also, with his band Integrity, he created one of the most influential underground metal genres: “Holy Terror” heavy metal combines the raw energy of punk with the nasty licks of thrash with waaaay out there occultist beliefs, like, for instance, the idea that earth is actually hell. (Some people call it “hardcore” or “metalcore,” but if you are in front of Hellion, you probably shouldn’t if you like your ribcage where it is). Hive telephoned Hellion at his home in the woods in Belgium to speak to him about Integrity’s new album, Suicide Black Snake, Charlie Manson, the upcoming reunion of the band’s classic lineup, and like, for real, dude, does he actually think all humanity should be wiped out?

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