Bad Sports Explore "Future Sex" in New Song "Get You"

bad-sports-top-1If you were looking for this summer's punk-rock answer to Robin Thicke’s "Blurred Lines," well get ready -- Texas's Bad Sports is happy to oblige with their new amorous yet ominous single, "Get You," which is streaming below.

"'I'm gonna get you someday...' didn't mean anything to me until I made it mean something to me," the band's lead singer, Orville Neeley, told MTV Hive.

"If my songs mean anything to the people who listen to them, then I'd rather not ruin their ideas, right? Right. Anyway, if you really wanna know what I think, it's an allusion to future sex," he amended.

The song -- which kicks off with driving guitar and drums that set a kind of predatory tone -- seems like a stalker deal at first listen, with Neeley growling, "It's been on the news/ I'm out on the loose/ You don't believe the truth I'm coming after you." A dark-tinged track, the inertia never flags, just creeps around corners with sneaky drum beats only to explode during the chorus, "I'm gonna get you someday/ But you ain't gonna hear me coming." Something tells us said "future sex" won't be the kind scored by a Justin Timberlake song.

"Get You" comes off of Bad Sports' upcoming third album, Bras, which Neeley says is a departure from 2011's wry Kings of the Weekend in many ways. Aside from the recording quality being better, the singer-guitarist says, "Most songs on Bras aren't about love or infatuation whereas Kings of the Weekend mostly was."

Neeley does assert, however, that a few tracks on the record were written around the same time as the 2011 disc and thus refer to the same "person/infatuation" mentioned on Kings of the Weekend.

"Bras is more or less fueled by bitterness," he says. Could have fooled us.

Bras will come out on August 24 via Dirtnap Records.

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