Kim Deal Really, Really Wants to Know, "Are You Mine?" in New Video

If all those Breeders reunion shows have left you hungry for new material from Kim Deal, you're in luck. Deal has been releasing songs via her Kim Deal Solo Series since January, on both limited-edition vinyl and digital downloads, and her latest effort greets the world today.

For the third release in the series, "Are You Mine?", Kim slows things down a bit to ponder love and loss in that unmistakably raspy and sardonic Kim Deal voice. As a bonus, it comes with a nice, creepy music video in which ceramic figurines gaze at each other with their dead little eyes as colorful mood lighting plays across them. Are they falling in love, or watching something burn? Maybe the two aren't mutually exclusive.

The song works in a simplistic way, repeating the titular question over and over until you realize the answer is probably "No." Otherwise, why would she have to ask so many times? "Let me go where there's no memory of you," she replies, as if reading our minds. A milkmaid is buried ominously in black glitter as the song concludes, "Are you mine, baby? I have no time for nothin' but love." Well, Kim, we're loving this.

For more info on the Kim Deal Solo Series, click here.