King Tuff Get Psychedelic in New Video for "Sun Medallion"

Vermont garage rocker King Tuff goes majorly psychedelic in the new video for his jam, "Sun Medallion" -- filming the majority of the vid in that place most beloved by those who partake in the noun form of the aforementioned adjective: the woods.

The dreamy, creepy "Sun Medallion" is a track off of Tuff's excellent 2008 debut, Was Dead, which was reissued on May 28th. The song, Tuff told Rolling Stone, "came out of my dreams and it's about this little charm I picked up years ago.... I worked at a hospice clothing store and that's where the actual sun medallion fell into my hands. It had power."

In a rather literal video filmed in his hometown of Brattleboro, Vermont -- featuring ample images of the "little charm" -- Tuff lounges in a graveyard, smokes a pipe and just generally trips out -- all activities that he explicitly mentions in the song.

Still, the whole deal manages to be plenty trippy, giving the viewer the sense that there's something sinister going on under all that talk of dreaming and sun medallions. That is a sensibility that Tuff is an expert at nailing, both on dancey tracks like "Keep On Movin'", off of his self-titled sophomore album and its accompanying video, shot in 3D.

The Was Dead reissue is out now via Burger Records.