10 Fun Facts About the Next Wave of Rostrum Records Artists

Boaz, Mac Miller’s favorite Pittsburgh Rapper | Photo: Facebook

Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller are the superstars of the Rostrum Records stable. Based out of Pittsburgh, the label is currently flush from the success of Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off album. But who’s next to follow in Mac and Wiz’s footsteps?

First up is Vali, the R&B-styled singer who has pitched herself as the “princess of Rostrum Records.” Then there’s multi-instrumentalist Leon Thomas III, who has traded in screen-time on the Nickelodeon show Victorious to ready up his solo album under the tutelage of Babyface. Solidifying the label’s rap roots is Boaz, about whom Mac Miller says, “Growing up in Pittsburgh making music, Boaz is who everybody looked up to. He was and is the best rapper to come out of Pittsburgh.”

“I’m really excited to see the roster expand with such great acts,” offers Khalifa. “They are all extremely talented and have been working very hard for years”

With all three artists beavering away on their solo projects for the label, here’s an insider’s guide to the things you really need to know about the next wave of Rostrum talent.

1. Vali is braver than Wiz Khalifa around alligators

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