Five Out of 10 Agree: Father John Misty Perfume Smells Like...


The day women have been waiting for has come: "Innocence," a scent designed by fancy dancin' man, Father John Misty (a.k.a. Josh Tillman) has been released. The question on everyone's mind? Does this scent inspire "fear" or "fun"? MTV Hive decided to find out.

In June, Tillman announced that in addition to creating acid-washed, irony-laden tunes as his wiseman alter ego Father John Misty, he would also be getting into the perfume game -- a workspace previously only occupied by pop stars like Justin Bieber and Britney Spears.

Teaming up with Sanae Intoxicants, Misty created "Innocence," a scent containing the "botanical fragrances of Sweet Orange Oil, Tunisian Neroli, Mimosa Absolute, Violet Absolute, Jasmine Grand, Bourbon Vanilla, and Linden Blossom," according to the site.

The scent went up for preorder in June and, being a weird band merch aficionado who owns Girls' heart-shaped vinyl and a Fol Chen "Tetrafol," you best believe this reporter preordered a bottle.

Upon arriving home last night and finding the bottle nestled in a pile of junk mail, I immediately decided to test drive "Innocence," hitting up a bar in the den of all that is not innocent: Williamsburg. Results were inconclusive. Two men tried to talk to me, sure, but that probably had more to do with the fact that I was loudly complaining about the presence of babies in the bar and they decided to voice their agreement. I'm sure their inner monologue was more "Boo, babies!" than "You smell like the crushed dreams of a joyfully undulating indie musician who loves karaoke!"

My reporter's instinct was not sated by this experiment, however, so upon arriving to work, I decided to poll 10 random male co-workers, asking them to choose the Misty lyric that best captured the scent as it wafted across the office. Results were mixed -- mostly because men polled opined that the fragrance, designed for women, smelled more like "dude juice."

Out of the 10 polled, five stated that they equated the smell to "Pour me another drink/And punch me in the face." Three stated that the scent was more akin to "Jesus Christ, girl!"

The majority of those polled didn't seem to have a favorable opinion of the smell, musing that it smelled like: "pickles," "sweet dirt," "bug spray," and/or "a bar on the Florida/Alabama border."

MTV News senior writer James Montgomery, however, dug the smell. He, along with one other soul, deemed it "a leading brand of a one night stand" and applied it to his wrists post-haste.

None of those polled, however, dubbed the smell "Fun times in Babylon."

"Innocence" is currently on sale online in the limited quantity of 300 bottles.