Have Arcade Fire Leaked the Release Date of...Something?


When it comes to album releases nowadays, it's all about the obfuscation. Case in point: Arcade Fire, who may or may not be soon releasing a single from their upcoming studio album. A mysterious Instagram account indicates that the song could drop on September 9 at 9 pm (9/9/9, geddt?).

Here are things that we know about Arcade Fire's impending fourth studio album: 1) It will drop at the end of October, a fact we learned when the band replied as such to a random fan on Twitter. 2) It has some imagery attached to it -- perhaps album art -- featuring the Montreal Biosphere in flames. That snap was also tweeted to the aforementioned fan. 3) James Murphy, formerly of LCD Soundsystem fame, produced it. 4) It is not a "ropera" -- a.k.a., "rock opera," according to Murphy.

However, when you get into specifics like album title and rollout, things get a little dicey -- and a lot scavenger hunt-like. Last week, street art started popping up all around the world (and this reporter's subway stop!) featuring an image reminiscent of the Biosphere, spelling out the word "Reflektor." An Instagram account documenting the spread of the graf popped up, along with a website that features a video scored by some very Arcade Fire-esque sounds. Rumors started spreading that "Reflektor" is the title of the new disc -- rumors that gained a little more credence when the video was played before a few sets at Lollapalooza.

Nothing, however, has been confirmed where the band is concerned. In fact, when Hive reached out to their camp for more info, we were told: "Nothing further right now, I'm afraid."

Still, the Instagram account and graffiti has stirred fans into a Columbo-fied frenzy -- especially when the account shared snaps spelling out the date September 9 and the time 9pm. Could those photos herald a single release? A video drop? The new date assigned to The Rapture? Only time -- and some more Internet sleuthing -- will tell.