Jacuzzi Boys Reveal a Grittier Side in Their New Video "Domino Moon"

If the Jacuzzi Boys' upcoming tour with wild boys Wavves and charming man King Tuff wasn't enough of an excuse to come out and see the Miami garage rock band live, their new video for "Domino Moon" is sure to tip the scales toward "hell yes."

"Domino Moon" comes off of the band's upcoming self-titled LP and is a lot more mellow than some of the more amped-up tracks on their 2011 release, Glazin'. The band described that disc at the time to Spin as being about "girls and sweets." But "Domino Moon" isn't sticky sweet -- it's more of a muggy night spent rolling from bar to bar, a crowd spilling out of a sweaty venue washed in an alcohol haze, and a fat midsummer moon hanging low in the sky offering up all manner of possibilities -- both sweet and sinister. The video reflects that feeling, depicting a Jacuzzi Boys live show through the flashing of a cop car light, the red wash of stage gels and, of course, that "Domino Moon."

Intrigued parties will have ample opportunities to live the video IRL when the band hits the road in September.

Jacuzzi Boys will come out September 10 via Hardly Art.