Prism House Spin Polished House Cuts on 'Stay The Night'


On the latest guest mix for MTV Hive, Brooklyn audio/visual duo Prism House have put together a non-stop 34-minute set of energetic deep-house gems. Here, they shy away from the skittering production style found on their Reflections EP in favor of more accessible four-on-the-floor party fodder. “Stay The Night is inspired by the unique energy of big city life amid sweltering heat. The mix is designed for the dance floor and is best experienced on long nights with friends when inhibitions are low,” they tell Hive. Look out for vibey singles from talent like Fort Romeau, Jacques Renault, Derek Martin and more. “The mix was constructed with very little crossfading between tracks allowing for new and exciting musical renditions,” Prism House add. Dive into this glossy house set below: