Watch King Krule Slack Off in His "Easy Easy" Video

From his ripe, rough growls to shining endorsements from such artists as Beyonce and Earl Sweatshirt, it's easy to forget the British up-and-comer King Krule is just 18. So he's using his video for his gritty, genre-crumbling "Easy Easy" to remind us.

The clip captures the hazy wonder of a summer day -- those hot July afternoons of time wasted but time well spent. In a video that feels like an Instagram feed brought to life, we follow Archy Marshall and his wayward friends as they waste time in the city -- smoking on a rooftop, jumping train tracks, buying candy at a bodega and rolling up some sort of smokeable right in front of a suspicious stranger on the Tube.

Capturing the track’s equally time-defiant themes -- “No I should've kept my receipts/ Cause it's time we jump / It's been on for a week,” he growls -- the clip is the "I'm just a kid" defense in video form. And he's completely aware that the track is a bit juvenile: he recently told MTV that "immature and naïve" is exactly what he was going for. The song is the oldest one on his debut album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, which drops August 24, on Marshall's 19th birthday.