Cyril Hahn's Future Looks Perfect


In today’s retro-obsessed world, songstresses like Mariah Carey and the ladies of Destiny’s Child feel more relevant than ever -- especially when someone took their old hits and repurposed them for a four- on-the-floor audience. Cyril Hahn is doing such a thing. The Swiss-born/Vancouver-based musician has quickly made a name for himself in in the last year when his remixes of  Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” and Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” went viral.

“I just put it on the internet and then people started playing it on the radio in the UK,” Hahn said. “Then other musicians started posting it on their social networks and it sort of blew up.”

In a year’s time, Hahn has signed with PMR records (Jessie Ware, Disclosure), gone on three European tours and released a few other popular remixes, but now he’s ready to release his own original work with his debut single, “Perfect Form." It's a breezy, synth-filled production paired with the raspy vocals and come-hither whispers of pop/R&B artist Shy Girls, led by producer and vocalist Dan Vidmar. “We contacted [Dan] and pretty much the day after he was like, ‘yea I’m down, let’s do this.’ It was like the easiest collaboration, everything just was super smooth.”

Although “Perfect Form” has racked up over 75,000 views on YouTube, the track has amassed almost half a million plays on Soundcloud, a place where he's also managed to collect 124,000 followers. His follow-up release to “Perfect Form,” “Raw Cut” debuted last week and has already reached 140,000 plays.

“It’s definitely strange how I have way more followers [Soundcloud] than any other social network,” Hahn said. “I’m happy because it’s a music based network. I can’t complain.”

Hahn originally moved from Bern, Switzerland to Vancouver for school, but decided to put school on hold last year to focus on his music career. “I was trying to do music and school at the same time and it just didn’t work. I sort of realized that this music thing might be able to go somewhere, especially if I start playing at concerts.”

His European crowds can get a bit wild, but the most jarring aspect of transforming his music into a live setting is when attendees stop and stare while they record the show on their phones. “There’s a lot of people just standing there taking pictures of you and not dancing.”

Next up, Hahn plans to concentrate on a full-length album. "That's the next step," he says. "It's just a matter of how much time I have at home to produce." In the mean time, he'll be on a North American tour this fall with Canadian DJ and producer, Ryan Hemsworth.

"Perfect Form" arrives October 7 on PMR Records.  Stream it below: