Listen to Adrian Grenier Talk Music and Movies With Matt Pinfield


You probably know Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase, the character he played through eight seasons of Entourage. You might not know that he’s also a musician (he’s done time as the singer in Kid Friendly and currently plays drums in the Honey Brothers), or that he’s got an entrepreneurial spirit -- which includes both a sustainability start-up,, and a music studio, which he’s dubbed “The Wreck Room.” When Grenier sat down for this latest episode of The Hivecast with Matt Pinfield, they spent a fair amount of time talking about his Hollywood projects -- but also about exactly what his plans are for The Wreck Room.

"It's an open opportunity for independent bands to come, record a song, a music video, and put it out through our collective of musicians and community of people who love cool, independent music,” Grenier says. "Sometimes we end up working more extensively with some bands. We're starting to get into the label area, so we can start contributing more meaningfully to a few bands that we work with more.” He explains that he’d initially built the studio after he started making that Entourage money, but with the extra income came extra obligations -- and rather than let the studio sit empty, he had his friends turn it into something that up and coming musicians could use as a resource.

Grenier now has a website at, where fans can see what’s happening in the studio.

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