Euro League Paints a Sharp Picture of Bronx Life on "Do You Believe Me Pt. 2"


Maintaining momentum after the release of Euro League’s “Grandma’s Plastic Covered Couch” and Doley Bernays’ “Raise Your Weapon” this year, Bronx imprint ReeLife continue making headway as the next round of NYC rap revivalists to grab national attention. Today, Euro drops off “Do You Believe Me Pt. 2,” a song that paints a stark picture of life in the Bronx. “Every sixteen is just a portrait of my torture / every rhyme, time after time, Cyndi Lauper,” Euro frustratingly exhales over a skittering Inphanyte and MP Williams beat that samples Jessie Ware. He goes on to address issues around pre-marital birth and cycles of drug violence with a vivid lyricism reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar. (As a matter of fact, the Black Hippy rapper co-signed Euro in this freestyle video.) "Do You Believe Me Pt. 2" is a warm-up track for Euro's incoming EP Euro Trip: Continuum due this fall.