Anti-Christ Demon Core Will Save Your Life

Photo: Dan Rawe

On July 17, the town of Bend, Oregon was so scared that Anti-Christ Demon Core (also known as ACxDC) was going to be playing a house show there that not only did they call the police, not only did they demand the show to be cancelled, not only did they call the band “neo-nazi skinheads” (FYI, they are all Latino and are anti-racism), but they threatened to burn down the house where the show was if Anti-Christ Demon Core performed, because, apparently, what a good evangelical Christian does when dudes that like Satan are playing a show is commit arson.

So, the gig was shut down and the band was basically run out of town, but managed to set up another show a few towns over — blah blah blah — DIY triumphs and all that. But, what is more interesting is that one week later, while the band was en route to a gig in Santa Cruz, they passed a flipped car that had an unconscious man sill inside. Do you know what the nasty, malicious, hateful little cretins in ACxDC did?

Well, they did what any devil-loving band would do and saved the man’s life.

Luckily, guitarist Jose Lopez was trained in first response. Lopez says, “We ran over and called 911. He had muscle twitches.  People tried to touch him, but we made sure they didn’t, because that can actually do more damage.”

Meanwhile, vocalist Sergio Amalfitano and other band members helped divert traffic. Amalfitano says  “He was responsive in that the top portion of his body was moving, but he wasn’t really conscious.”

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