Cassettes Won't Listen Get Sacrificial in "Transmission"

A group of girls in a fast car zip through a hazy expanse of desert; the glint in their collective eye suggests they're out for shenanigans. This isn't a scene from Spring Breakers redux though -- it's the new video for Los Angeles-based Cassettes Won't Listen's "Transmission." The flick was directed by Ryan Palmieri, who summed up the concept to Hive: "While driving through the middle of nowhere with her friends, a woman deals with her guilt after ritualistically sacrificing a hitchhiker." All standard road trip fare then.

This short narrative is paired with breezily chugging music by Jason Drake, the man behind Cassettes Won't Listen. Drake told Hive that "Transmission" was the first song he produced for his upcoming album, CWL. "It sort of dictated how the rest of the record would turn out," he explained. "It reminded me of something you'd hear on a record from mid-'90s Astralwerks, the Chemical Brothers or Fatboy Slim."

Asked about his own fantasy adventure on the open road, Drake detailed, "My ultimate road trip would consist of a large van, a ton a friends, music equipment to stop and play random shows or record random songs. Maybe pick up a random hitchhiker and maybe perform a random ritualistic sacrifice." We didn't press him on the gory specifics.