The 10 Best Indie-Rock Tracks of July

Alex Kapranos plays with Franz Ferdinand, April 2013. Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

An average of a billion rock tracks are uploaded to the Internet each day, leaving music fans with more than a glut to wade through. Hive’s Martin Douglas is here to do your dirty work for you, with this all new, monthly round-up of the 10 best indie-rock tracks you need to put in heavy rotation. 

1. La Luz, “Brainwash”

Remember back in 2009, when every all-girl band even tangentially influenced by classic girl-group records was tied together as a scene supposedly revitalizing that particular sound? Seattle surf-rock queens La Luz are not only direct descendants of groups like the Crystals and the Shirelles, their recently-released seven-inch sounds like it was plucked right from the classic Girls in the Garage compilation. While Damp Face — my personal pick for 2013’s best EP so far — showed an insane amount of promise, “Brainwash” finds La Luz capitalizing on that promise early by crafting a picture-perfect pop tune.

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