Stream RJD2's Addictive New Track "Her Majesty's Socialist Request"

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RJD2's new album, More Is Than Isn't, will be released a little down the road in October, but today he dropped "Her Majesty's Socialist Request" as the project's first offering. Built around a combination of addictive crunching drum patterns and chunky riffs, RJD2 explains the track's creative genesis to Hive: "This song started with the drums and the stripping of a 12-bar blues structure down to its most primitive elements. From there, I had a framework to build within. I stumbled upon the A-B-AA-BB-AAA-BBB pacing of the song; it continually returns to the two rhythmic ideas of the A and B section, each time changing, or building on them." Well then.

Pressed on how "Her Majesty's Socialist Request" fits in with the rest of More Is Than Isn't, RJD2 was evasive. "I'd rather give as little away as possible about the stylistic direction of the record before people have a chance to hear it," he said. "I am all for picking it apart and analyzing it after people have had a chance to hear it, but one of the experiences I think is most important with art is experiencing it with a clear and open mind; totally free of pre-conceived notions. In keeping with that, I am hoping to do as little describing of the actual music beforehand as possible."

As for whether the song's regal-referencing title is in any way a topical commentary on the new Royal baby, George, RJD2 was defiant: "I trust that he is a wondrous little turd factory that will make the heirs to this wealthy and powerful ruling elite joyously thrilled." Then came the kicker, "Another caucasian male heir to a nations' power -- what's not to get excited about?"

Stream "Her Majesty's Socialist Request" below: