Tech N9ne Reveals Upcoming Rock EP and 'Special Effects' Album

[caption id="attachment_81080" align="alignnone" width="640"]Tech N9ne in New York City, July 2013. Photo: D Disasupil/Getty Images Tech N9ne in New York City, July 2013. Photo: D Disasupil/Getty Images[/caption]

Tech N9ne is preparing his 13th studio album, Something Else, for release next week, but the indie juggernaut is already planning on not one, but two additional projects shortly thereafter.

During a sit down with Hive in New York City earlier this week, Tech revealed exclusively that he has a Rock EP and forthcoming studio album already in the pipeline. “November 5th I have a nine-song EP, Therapy. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll project,” he shared. Never one to slow down, Tech plans on releasing another studio album subsequently. “My next album is called Special Effects. I ain’t ever told nobody that. Soon as I get through Therapy, I’mma start getting beats.” The rapper has no firm date for Special Effects as of now, but given his rigorous workflow, it may be sooner than later. “You gotta keep moving,” he said.

What does the future hold for the always-busy rapper? Somewhere between recording and touring, Tech sees himself relaxing on a desert island a la the late Marlon Brandon down the line. “Five years from now, I’ll probably be on an island, that I bought” and then added, “with somebody beautiful on my face.”

Rap dreams come true.

Something Else is slated for release July 30th and like its namesake, promises to offer something different from Tech’s existing repertoire. Something Else boasts appearances ranging from Wiz Khalifa (“See Me”) and Danny Brown (“Thizzles”) to the remaining members of the Doors (“Strange 2013”) and Serj Tankian of System of a Down (“Straight Out the Gate”). The single “Fragile,” dedicated to the critics, with Kendall Morgan, Kendrick Lamar and ¡Mayday! was released last week.

Check back with Hive next week for a full Q&A with Tech N9ne. Stream "Fragile" below: