Stream Kitty Cash's All-Purpose Hip-Hop Set For Hive


Calling Brooklyn’s Kitty Cash a versatile DJ would be an understatement. Fresh off putting together an alternative dance mix for Dossier, Hive recruited the party-rocking New Yorker to put together a hip-hop set that connects classics with more contemporary gems. “I was visiting Coney Island to satisfy my funnel-cake craving. While I was ordering from the stand, I could hear the music blasting from the Polar Express, a ride that brings back so many childhood memories,” Kitty tells Hive. “They played hip-hop hits from Jay-Z to R&B from Mary J. Blige ... I wanted the mix to be reflective of that nostalgic vibe and my memories of the Polar Express with my own twist of new hip hop and R&B that I enjoy.” Highlights include a live freestyle from the Notorious B.I.G. (“a Brooklyn staple!”), a well-placed throwback from Mariah Carey, and the irresistibly catchy “Shabba” by A$AP Ferg. “For best results, play while getting dressed for a party, backyard BBQ or make it the official soundtrack cruising around town in your ride.” Done and done.