Listen to Alex Ebert Discuss His Love of Rap With Matt Pinfield


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros have been steadily rising since the release of their debut album, Up From Below, which had a breakout viral hit with the single “Home.” That album’s follow-up, last year’s Here, capitalized on that attention to great critical acclaim and a #5 debut on the Billboard 200. And they seemingly can't slow down, as their self-titled third album came out this week.

On this latest episode of The Hivecast, the band’s frontman, Alex Ebert sits down to talk about the band’s rise, the fictional Mr. Sharpe, and naturally, Elbert’s deep and abiding love of hip hop, including his foiled plans to become a rapper himself.

“I still love incorporating the cadences, and the rapid-fire sort of delivery, and I’ll do it from time to time," Elbert admits when Matt asks him about abandoning that dream. "To me, hip hop was everything for seven years. When Cypress [Hill] first came out, it was groundbreaking. And same with Beastie Boys -- License to Ill, and before that. My first real passion, rap-wise, was oddly NWA. Anything to do with NWA. I was severely into rap.”

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