Icona Pop Release Smashing New Single "All Night," Announce Debut Album Release

Finally, nearly a year after they released their inescapable single "I Love It," the Swedish dance-pop duo Icona Pop are putting out a proper album in the United States, though we hope it didn't take them that long to come up with the title. This Is… Icona Pop will come out September 24 and beyond its suggestive cover, it will of course include the group's carefree, Charli XCX–remixed declaration of apathy about smashed cars and the ’90s, which has since gone double-platinum, as well as their new single "All Night."

In that song, the women sing about, well, smashing again (though this time it's "the club"), as well as making wrongs turn right and, of course, staying up all night. With a heavy beat and some sweeping electronic waves, it's got all the makings of a summer hit -- a giant sing-along chorus, feel-good verses and one catchy melody after another.

In their native Sweden, the women have already put out an album and two EPs, which make the possibilities endless for the album. But if "All Night" and the previously released "Girlfriend" are any indication, it will be all big choruses about having fun with reckless abandon. This summer, let's all just keep an eye out for one another and our smashed cars and clubs.

This Is … Icona Pop will come out September 24 via Record Company Ten/Big Beat.