DadBoner’s Top 10 Songs (That Might Be) About Michigan

‘Sup, name’s Karl Welzein, the President and CEO of Bad Boy City Entertainment, USA, hailin’ from Grand Blanc, MI. Guess MTV wanted some recommendaish from a local hard partier ‘bout jams to rock your summer in the Mitten. Plus, I used to run my own DJ biz and private radio station, WLZN, so I know what to spin to make it toasty. There’s about a million songs about Michigan, but these are some of the all-time classics, you guys. So, crack a cold one and crank ‘em up.

(No order. I ain’t into “rules.”)

10. Kid Rock, “Cowboy”

Such a classic. Kid Rock talks ‘bout how the babes crave his touch, cowboy style, from Detroit, all the way to Hollywood. Man. That’s gotta be like a thousand babes, you guys.

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