DadBoner's Top 10 Songs (That Might Be) About Michigan


‘Sup, name’s Karl Welzein, the President and CEO of Bad Boy City Entertainment, USA, hailin’ from Grand Blanc, MI. Guess MTV wanted some recommendaish from a local hard partier ‘bout jams to rock your summer in the Mitten. Plus, I used to run my own DJ biz and private radio station, WLZN, so I know what to spin to make it toasty. There’s about a million songs about Michigan, but these are some of the all-time classics, you guys. So, crack a cold one and crank ‘em up.

(No order. I ain’t into “rules.”)

10. Kid Rock, "Cowboy"

Such a classic. Kid Rock talks ‘bout how the babes crave his touch, cowboy style, from Detroit, all the way to Hollywood. Man. That’s gotta be like a thousand babes, you guys.

9. Lefty Frizzell, "Saginaw, MI"

In this bit of country smoothness, Lefty croons about the Sagnasty, and how he was poor and crap. It’s a good one to play on a hot summer night with a babe. Lets her know you’re sensitive to nostalgia of the USA and the workin’ man.

8. Kid Rock, "In Detroit"

Another Kid Rock jam. This one was a special promo for Pepsi in support of the Detroit Lions. It rocks SO hard. Think he sent it in and won a contest or somethin’. Wish I woulda known. Mighta gave Kid a run for his money. Probably woulda called mine, “Bad Boy City, USA,” though. Really lookin’ forward to the NFL season, you guys.

7. Kid Rock, "All Summer Long"

Pretty much the #1 summer jam of all time, "All Summer Long" is AT LEAST three songs at once: All Summer Long (The original), "Werewolves of London," and several Lynyrd Skynyrd jams. Not sure. Don’t think I’ve ever heard "All Summer" when I wasn’t bombed.

6. The Dayton Family, "Flint Town"

Got turned on to these homeboys when I was hangin’ with my main man, Peanut. (RIP. Found him dead in my car. Never Forget). I’m no stranger to the streets so it don’t ever hurt to hear some true soul brothers kick knowledge with mad swag. Sure, they use some bad language, but that’s all part of the realness them feelin’ funky.

5. Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, "Roll Me Away"

Bob is my co-pilot, and he should be yours too.

4. Uncle Kracker featuring Kid Rock, "Good to Be Me"

‘Nothin’ says summertime like cruisin’ ‘round with Kid Rock and Uncle K in their “Island Motor City Paradise.” They don’t say nothin’ ‘bout poundin’ cold ones in their Cutlass Supreme while they’re drivin’, (probably due to legal issues) but if you listen close, you can hear a “pssht” every few seconds.


3 & 2. The Michigan State and U of M fight songs

Whether you “Go Green!” or “Go Blue!” the sound of either one of these crankin’ means: It’s fall. (Michigan just ain’t built for rockin’ in the summer.) It’s Saturday. There’s brats on the grill. And it’s totally chill in the Great Lake State to get bombed thoroughly and successfully before 10am while you take down some chili cheese dip for breakfast. I like to kick mine up with my own secret herbs and spices. Captain Carlos’ Malo Amigo Chili Queso Dippo really starts the day off on point with bold flavors.

1. Bob Seger featuring Kid Rock, "Real Mean Bottle"

This one is Bob Seger AND Kid Rock. Plus it’s about booze. Do the math, you guys.

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