Here's Chippy Nonstop's Video for "Pimpin Season"

Dinky rapstress Chippy Nonstop dropped her #FinallyVerified EP last week and today has unleashed the official video for "Pimpin Season." Over a perky stripped-down beat, Chippy recites salacious summertime raps while cavorting around with her coterie of girls in a slick retro-styled whip. Talking to Hive about the concept of the video, which was produced by Rafael Francisco and directed by Jordan Levine, Chippy explained, "It's just a fun summer vibe kind of video and song. It's about when it gets hot out and it's summertime and everyone is down to have fun with each other, if you know what I mean." Asked to explain away the deep nuances of the track's title, Chippy added, "It's not actually about pimpin' bitches, it's just about figuratively getting a lot of girls or guys in the summer."

"Pimpin' Season" is hooked around a bass-heavy production that's sprinkled with synths -- a style Chippy insists is meant as a homage to her Bay Area home base. "Some of the word selection and the beat are very inspired by the Bay Area," she said. "I give a shout out to Too $hort, because he's the main mack of the Bay. So even though it's just a fun summer slap, it's somewhat of a Too Short tribute, because after all he is $horty the Pimp." Watching the finished cut, we think ol' $hort Dog would approve.

#FinallyVerified is out now. You can purchase it via iTunes