The Doppelgangaz Find Liquid Courage in "On the Rag" Video

Back in March, Hive premiered HARK, the latest album from the upstate New York rap twosome the Doppelgangaz. Now the ghastly duo are back with a set of undulating visuals for the tenacious track "On the Rag." Filmed in a skate park in Union City, NJ, the flick features rappers E.P. and Matter ov Fact loitering on the ramps while skaters and BMX bods pull stunts around them, complete with a signature Doppelgangaz black cloak being donned in one daredevil move. Asked if either he or Matter ov Fact were any good on a BMX, E.P. told Hive "absolutely not," although he did add that the group fully endorses replicating a key scene in the video where he rides by on a bike in slow motion while supping skillfully from a can of value-priced beer. "Sip as much as possible and you might actually be convinced you can pull off a serious trick," EP promised of the move.

Speaking on the meaning behind the song's slang title, Matter ov Fact explained, "In terms of audio engineering, it's pushing the levels into the red." He added, "It also symbolizes going all out in whatever you do in life. Often times people will tell you there is a limit, but you keep that level on the rag, mami." Enjoy the red zone eye candy above.