Steel Tipped Dove Enlists 'A Whole Bunch of Crazy' Emcees For His Production Mixtape


Brooklyn-based hip-hop producer Steel Tipped Dove released his & A Whole Bunch Of Crazy Motherfuckers 1 mixtape via the Modern Shark label last week -- and now you can stream the second half of the project exclusively here at Hive. Clocking in at 18 tracks, the project pairs beats Steel Tipped Dove crafted on his MacBook Pro running Reason and Logic Pro with a torrent of guest verses from the most creative rap cats currently buzzing on the cusp of the hip-hop underground: The presumed-retired Big Baby Gandhi teams up with Chippy Nonstop for the melancholic anti-love ode "Tryna Get High," lo-fi hip-hop architect Antwon blesses the bass attack of "Duke Nukem" with his powerhouse raps, and YC The Cynic and MC Elijah Black bring positive self-determination vibes on "The Mantra." While you're dipping into the stream below, read on for Steel Tipped Dove telling the stories behind some of & A Whole Bunch Of Crazy Motherfuckers 2's most prominent tracks -- including a shocking revelation about a lost puppy.

How is part two of the mixtape different from the first installment?

Part two is only part two because the project became so large. Really, it was intended to be one mixtape but after hearing from artists and friends a lot of them suggested I split it up into two parts, so I went for it. The way I picked tracks for part two was simply by looking at the list as a whole and trying to balance out the vibes of each tape to have them pretty similar but to also show range. The overall goal of the project was to show my range as a producer, so that thought went into splitting up the track list also.

Which up-and-coming artists on the mixtape should people check out first?

All of them! I think people need to really be prepared for DVS -- that guy's skill range is insane and he can rap circles around just about anyone. I think a lot of the artists already have good fan bases but I really hope that the artists listen to the other artists and end up wanting to collaborate with one another. It's hard to get hip-hop artists to listen to other hip-hop artists.

What was it like working with Antwon on "Duke Nukem"? Was it named after him liking the video game?

Antwon and I never actually met -- I did some remixes for him in the past and an original song for a compilation he was on. I got put on to his music by Big Baby Gandhi and have been a huge fan ever since. [Antwon's] In Dark Denim is one of my favorite releases of the year. The song just came from the lyrics -- we hadn't named the song yet, but I really loved the way he said Duke Nukem in the song so I asked him if we could title it that and he said yeah. Hope I get to work with him more, that dude is awesome.

Big Baby Gandhi said he retired from rap recently. How come he's on your project?

I helped record and produce his last album, NO1 2 LOOK UP 2. We did that in my studio in Brooklyn, so I have been working with him for a while. The three songs he did for my mixtape were recorded before he retired. The one he did with Chippy Nonstop ["Tryna Get High"] was actually recorded almost a full year ago. I think Big Baby is an enigma, man -- he retired for his own reasons, he's definitely one of the purest artists I've worked with [for] writing and producing. That's pure meaning when I was in the lab with him I could just see the ideas flowing into his brain; he is full of ideas. Whatever he decides to do that dude should be supported -- he's young and crazy talented.

The mixtape opens with "Industry" by a rapper named Shirt. What sort of vibe were you going for with that?

Shirt and I have been working together for a few years now, actually -- I first produced a track for him on his album I Should Just Chill from like two or three years ago and then I did a few tracks on his next two albums after that, The Fuck and Rich Hours. I would describe the vibe of "Industry" as, um, hard as fuck! Does that make sense? That beat is tough as hell, and after I made it I had it for a few days and sent it over to him and he absolutely killed it.

Finally, downswayze's "Real Talk In The Park" tells a story about the rapper losing a little girl's puppy. Did they ever find that puppy?

We are going to have to leave it up to the listener to write their own ending to that story. But one thing I can assure you is that downswayze definitely got the shit beaten out of him.

Stream Steel Tipped Dove's & A Whole Bunch Of Crazy Motherfuckers 2 below.