Daft Punk Find New Ways to "Get Lucky" in Their Looong Remix

Daft Punk’s retro-disco banger "Get Lucky" was a megahit as soon as it leaked, not just because it was the first track we heard off Random Access Memories but because of its impeccable production, Nile Rodgers’ funky guitars and the perennially smooth-voiced Pharrell capturing the reason why we're out all night in the sort of non-judgmental way only he can. Because of all this, even though it came out in April, it's a strong contender for Song of the Summer. And what's a Song of the Summer without a nice long remix? Especially one that's long enough (maybe even all summer-long) to make it so you don't have to keep hitting "play" as you obsessively listen to it over and over?

Clocking in at 10:33, Daft Punk's own remix (streaming in full below) of the song drops in some screwy, pitch-shifting vocoder, which even harmonizes a bit with the primary vocals. (I imagine the robots beamed Pharrell up to their studio and offered him a glass of oil before getting down to business.) But it's pretty much the same song as before, only with that perfect riff copied and pasted ad infinitum so you can get your uninterrupted dance on.

And like all good remixes, "Get Lucky (Daft Punk Remix)" comes with a video promo, which shows happy humans dancing on some unknown planet as those sharply dressed robots look on approvingly from their spaceship. It's currently available on Spotify, and a 12" vinyl version comes out July 16.

Random Access Memories is out now via Columbia.