Phonat Releases Colorful "Ride the Prejudice" Video

On "Ride the Prejudice," producer Phonat commands a mixture of watery sound effects, garage beats and piano jabs that would sound like loungey jazz riffing in any other context, but it all jives together so well in the song that it is one of the stand-out tracks on the London-via-Tuscany musician's Identity Theft EP. The video for the song is just as oblique, as roughly hewn 3-D images of skulls, umbrellas, cones with antlers, strawberries, and other flotsam and jetsam seem to fall apart or morph into something else, without missing the beat. It makes for an inexplicable, almost childish charm that dovetails perfectly into the song's flirtations with helium-voiced soul and glitchy 8-bit Nintendo one-ups. A couple weeks ago, Phonat made a Mix of the Week for us, which sandwiched "Ride the Prejudice" between Sepalcure and BJu and featured cuts from Com Truise, Joe and Birdy Nam Nam. This video seems to be the only way he could take it to another level.

Identity Theft is out now via OWSLAStream Phonat's 149 guest mix for MTV Hive below.