The So So Glos Fight for Fame at the O Music Awards

As the fourth O Music Awards' got underway this evening, Brooklyn's own the So So Glos took the stage to compete for the "Make a Band Famous" category, where they're up against five other candidates for the chance to be, well, made famous.

Tonight's streaming live performance probably represented the largest audience they've performed for to date, and man, were they ready. After frontman Alex Levine answered a few questions about their name and origins with a few shrugging "I don't knows," they let 'er rip with a short, sharp set of melodic, all-American punk rock cut from the same cloth as '90s-era greats like Green Day and Rancid -- ripping through tracks like "Diss Town" and "Son of an American."

This is no effete New York art rock project, but a ragtag group of populists from Bay Ridge, and lines like "the underdogs and the losing team, America" and "this town is apocalypse!" will probably appeal to the same disaffected youth demographic that first made MTV a force to be reckoned with. But just in case the singalong "whoa-oa" choruses and pissed-off charisma weren't enough, the band finished out their set by going even more balls out with the last two songs, with Levine yelling "I am a wrecking ball!" and taking a trip into the studio audience to shout-sing about the malaise of modern life before falling down on the ground. He also managed to say his band's name about a hundred times, which was probably unnecessary -- nobody who watched will have any trouble remembering it.

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