Kanye West's 'Yeezus': 10 Twitter Takeaways

Yeezus season is upon us! Although Kanye West's latest album leaked last Friday, today's official release date has created a warm and fuzzy feeling that we can only imagine a Kanye Christmas would feel like. But just like the man himself, the record is quite polarizing. Here's a snapshot of the rap community's reaction to Yeezus as expressed through the wonders of Twitter. God speed.

1. Golden-era rap icons are not down with the Yeezus vibe.

2. Yeezus works if you're prepping a studio session.

3. Yeezus can solve your relationship problems.

4. Always invoke religious slang when talking about Yeezus.

5. To wit: There's a new holy trinity in town.

6. It's all about the new Super Tuesday sales wars!

  7. Rank Yeezus at your own peril.

8. Yeezus vinyl is the real mystery.

9. It's perfect.

10. Golden-era rap icons definitely do not like the Yeezus vibe.