Watch Sharks' Highly Disturbing "Sunday's Hand" Video

Are you ready to pogo rapidly to someone else’s heartbreak? Because British pop-punk outfit Sharks are doing such a thing in their snazzy new video for “Sunday’s Hand,” the second single off their recently released full-length Selfhood. They’ve managed to cram love, betrayal, and a serious felony into a mere three minutes and thirteen seconds. Impressive.

The scene opens on a cute girl walking away from something we can’t see with one shoe in her hand. What’s going on? What happened to her other shoe? And how did her hair get so perfectly tousled?  The answers unfold in a series of flashbacks ostensibly shot on a home video camera that show her and her pompadoured boyfriend messing around in bed, embarking on a sexy road trip, and picking up the best dressed hitchhiker I’ve ever seen. (Seriously, someone must have given him an Urban Outfitters gift card.)

At first they’re having a grand old time, with her riding in the car improperly, exposing herself on a playground, and giving him, if not road head, then road head-in-lap. But things soon get dark when she finds out some bad stuff and shows him the downside to dating a mentally unbalanced manic pixie dream girl.

You can probably guess where it’s going, because you’re smart like that. But as glad as we should all be that we are dating neither of these people, these two kids' road trip to hell is pretty entertaining, especially when set to a bouncy punk rock soundtrack.

Selfhood is out now via Rise Records.